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Ban appeal

1. in game name - duno / steamid - STEAM_1:0:96421722

2. I am banned for 2weeks

3. I am banned for duplicate account (3 days ago i went on my friend's smurf account to have fun with ahk on random hns servers, unfortunately friend gave me ip of PowerPreHns i haven't noticed that i was playing on the server that i dont want to cheat on so i started doing some jumpstats with ahk, yesterday i tried to connect on PowerKz server and got banned by console for alt account)

4. I want to be unbanned, because :
- i like the power servers (just want to play on them)
- its only 1 kz server i can play right now
- i didn't cheated purposely at all
- i think that im able to search some maps or plugins and in general help kz server
- and of course im really sorry that i cheated ill be more careful and won't do it again.

I hope to at least get my unban quicker if not unban right now.

Thanks for reading!

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