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Pending [Admin Application] - ✘︎мαzтєя_ιωηl

User name: ✘︎мαzтєя_ιωηl

Age: 20

SteamID[32] https://steamcommunity.com/id/mazter1409/

Region I am applying for Europe

Server you are applying for: Retakes

Discord: tiago lima #7039

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? not sure but about 1 year now

Tell us about yourself: I'm someone responsible who knows how to keep calm and don't be angry

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I play in the servers everyday and i am someone who follows the rules, some admins already know me.

Weaknesses: /

Strengths: stay calm in serious situations

Do you have any registered punishments @ https://bans.powerfps.com: Yes

Elaborate: I play every day and often catch players cheating where they are banned sooner or later

Do you have any previous admin experience? no

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? i can benefit the community by cleanning the servers and take out the persons that don't deserve to play.

Anything else?


Staff member
I'm not too familiar with the PowerFPS Retakes but the application seems to be really rushed and not really too understandable. Also I feel like there is a lack of English.


New member
Hello, your application is too short, please extend it or else it will automatically be declined.