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Pending [Admin Application] - brax


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User name: brax

Age: 18

SteamID[32] 442637328

Server you are applying for: JS NOPRE (KZ NOPRE)

Discord: braxx#2410

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? i play almost 2 y

Tell us about yourself: I'm Szymon(Simon) ,living in poland . I like playing games and stuff , sometimes streaming , start playing hns and kz over 2 y ago , i am a driver and i drive all over europe

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I think I will be able to broadcast on the server a lot of people from Poland so I think it will be useful to speak Polish (not everyone can speak English)

Weaknesses: smoking cigarettes

Strengths: confident and friendly

Do you have any registered punishments @ https://bans.powerfps.com: No

Do you have any previous admin experience? csgo:
once on polish 1vs1 server
many times

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? i know how to be an admin , i was admin many times

Anything else? sorry for my bad english , have a nice day
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+he is very active, also very helpful and friendely, never seen him toxic
- very short application you should add more info.
Good Luck :D


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+know him long time and seem like good guy , could fit as admin
-didnt see him in a while now ;P