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Approved [Admin Application] - jak3yy

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User name: jak3yy

Age: 16

SteamID[32] STEAM_0:1:514042769

Server you are applying for: HNS PRE

Discord: JAKE#1223

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? I have been playing for about two years now.

Tell us about yourself: I live in the US but everyone in NA sucks so I play EU, I play Hockey and Golf and I got a ting.

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I have lots of experience in the scene and know the rules thoroughly. I have been admin on a bunch of servers on NA and I know how to put my foot down.

Weaknesses: I can be toxic but I am reformed.

Strengths: I have past experience being admin, I am a pretty good player, and I am overall liked in the community

Do you have any registered punishments @ https://bans.powerfps.com: Yes

Elaborate: Just a mute ban for being toxic about a year ago but I am since then reformed.

Do you have any previous admin experience? yes as a explained up above I have been admin at one point or another on almost all NA servers.

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? I can plug the server in youtube videos once I start making them again... most of my videos have around 800+ views with many over 1000 so it might pull some new players in.

Anything else? no sir


+rep nice guy
+rep active
+rep good at the game
big - rep youre apply is way to short you could say more about youreself and you could say more why you want to be an admin and how you could benefit the community
if you change youre stuff i will change my - rep to +rep 100% GL
Not open for further replies.