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Declined [Admin Application] - riflemastermatias

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User name: riflemastermatias

Age: 15

SteamID[32] 436919856

Server you are applying for: HNS PRE

Discord: Saitam#0375

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? like a month but with different accounts .

Tell us about yourself: I am Matias, I am 15 years old and I come from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, I am very communicative, I do not ask for much attention. I like to play football with my friends, I am an athlete and I have been doing it for 2 years, I have been playing csgo for about 4 years, I have been playing hns since 2018 .

Why should we choose you as an admin?: Because i am very active and there are a lot rulebreakers and i would like to reduce the number of such people and i can understand everyone's opinion and i would listen to everyone and then come to the solution if something breaks out.

Weaknesses: Im alergic to cheaters and i think that's my only weakness

Strengths: Im good at not panicking at situations that cause a lot of stress,talking to people,learning about them and using that to help them..

Do you have any registered punishments @ https://bans.powerfps.com: No

Do you have any previous admin experience? yes.

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? I wouldn't change anything maybe just i would reduce the number of toxic people and i would make a rule no randomstabbing

Anything else? No.
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Hello, unfortunately we’ve decided to decline your application. Feel free to apply later on but for now you’ll remain outside our staff team.
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