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Pending [Admin Application] - sigma


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Username: sigma

Age: 21

SteamID[64] https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198390681552

Region I am applying for Europe

Server you are applying for: Retakes

Discord: sirak#0593

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? Since end of 2020

Tell us about yourself: Hello, I'm student (Mechanical Engineering) and I also work at small IT company. I live in germany. I'm fluent in 3 languanges, english, german, croatian (also serbian, bosnian etc. but it's basically the same language). I have over 3000 hours in CS. In free time I play football or I'm on your retakes :)

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I've been moderating gaming communities and servers for a while now, and I've learned a lot about handling tough situations, communicating with players. But more than that, I love playing cs on powerfps retakes and I'm super passionate about the game and this community. I've helped out lots of people and made friends in these servers and I want to help keep this place friendly and awesome. Also, I never took a pause longer than a month. So I'm super active on your servers.

Weaknesses: I get impatient with certain things and I can have trouble asking for help

Strengths: Communicative, creative, learning fast

Do you have any registered punishments @ https://bans.powerfps.com: No

Do you have any previous admin experience? I moderated and still moderate couple of twitch/yt streamers with over 500 viewers. Also I moderate discord server with around 200 people and moderated one with over 1k people.

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? I'm super available and committed to putting in the time and effort for this role, and I'm always playing during peak hours.

Anything else? That would be it. Thank you in advance!