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Important VIP Questions

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How can I get VIP? : We offer variety of ranks that you can pick from, you can view them on our webstore.

Are the monthly ranks recurring? : If you choose a subscription, you will automatically pay every month for the rank, this subscription can be cancelled however.

I see somebody abusing their rank, what do I do? : If you see somebody abusing their ranks, please gather evidence and send this to our discord, or alternatively, PM a staff member on our website. Rank abusing is something we take very serious and do not tolerate.

Can I get a refund? : No. All donations are non refundable, no exceptions. You can read more about this here.

What happens if I PayPal Chargeback? : If you choose to chargeback us, you will be automatically blacklisted from our network. As a customer you agree to our terms and conditions which state that donations are non refundable. If you want to get unblacklisted, all you have to do is cancel the chargeback and contact us.
Not open for further replies.