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Form submission: Admin Application

Nickname:: zebusq

Do you have and use your mic?: Yes

Age?: 16

Which server are you applying for?: HNS PRE

SteamID( STEAM_0:1:459297548

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS?: 4-5 weeks now something like that

Tell us about yourself!: My Name is Ryan and in my opinion Im a rather chill and understanding person and will take the view of others in to consideration when making a decision. I enjoy playing cs and playing football in my spare time and most of my time in cs within the last two weeks has been on the HNS Pre server. Would also like to add that i am prepared to put as much effort as possible into this.

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I can spot cheaters from a mile away especially auto strafers and im caring,respectful and responsible in a sense that i will take all matters into consideration when doing anything. Again same response as last time and this is due to me rethinking my answer but coming to the conclusion that my previous answer was truthful. I'm not scared to ask for help. If there is anything that I'm unsure about, I will make sure to ask.

Do you have any registered punishments @ ?: No

Do you have any previous admin experience?: within csgo ive had one experience but it was rather short lived as the owner decided to shut down the server i was an admin on many minecraft servers along ago between 2 and 3 years ago so i do have admin experience but not particular within csgo

Could you benefit our community somehow?: Yes, i can benefit the community by keeping it hacker free, and keeping toxicity levels to a minimal or even to zero.

Anything else?: Yes, i would like to say that im not to sure if it has been over 2 weeks since my last application but i think its near enough by like a day or two, and also HNS has become a thing i enjoy doing for fun instead of something i tried and i actually feel like be becoming admin i can help the community and help myself by gaining experience in becoming more grown up.

Would like to add actually that its 2 weeks tommorrow lol
Steam - id/internalcheats
Discord - zebusq#7511
Youtube - zebusq

+rep nice guy
+rep good application

I don't see a reason why you'd not fit this team. I see you talk a lot ingame and i've never seen you be toxic or anything like that on the server.
Also you're pretty good at HNS, very active and you know the rules good. It's not up to me to give you a trail, but I do wish you a big good luck.
‚óŹ Steam -/id/Ithrowrocksatfatgirls
‚óŹ Discord @fetty guap#2571
‚óŹ Fetty Guap @Youtube
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Peace! ‚úĆ

hey thanks man much appreciated. I avoid toxicity for a reason just wanna make friendships with people rather than enemy's best way of life
Steam - id/internalcheats
Discord - zebusq#7511
Youtube - zebusq

Seen you a couple of times, nice person, not talking that often (What I've seen) - Accepted to trials

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