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Form submission: Admin Application

Nickname:: stocken

Do you have and use your mic?: Yes

Age?: 17

Which server are you applying for?: HNS PRE,KZ

SteamID( STEAM_0:0:159773379

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS?: I would say around 2 month but ive "played" from time to time earlier

Tell us about yourself!: My name is Jacob aka stocken i am 17 years old and like to play video games, i mostly on my spare time play or work. I have played video games ever since my father showed me this cool shooting game on his old pc back in 2007. I am a nice person and kinda toxic sometimes. I played fotball for around 10 years but i stopped because i didnt enjoy it as much. I find it very easy to talk to new people and i like helping out others if they have a problem or such. I see myself as a very spontanious guy and like to just randomly do stuff. Other than gaming my intrest is in space and research about theories to find out more about the place we live in, i find it very interesting to look at what people think created this world and if there might be another univers kinda random but thats who i am Jacob 17 years old and lives in sweden with divorced parents.

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I would make sure that there is noone behaving badly and i know when and how to stop ceartain arguments. and im not affraid of banning people if they need one.

Do you have any registered punishments @ ?: Yes

Do you have any previous admin experience?: Yes, i have been admin on 3 other communities one hns and 2 mg servers so ive been through it before

Could you benefit our community somehow?: Yes i could i am a very active player and i will make sure that people want to play on Powerfps's servers i will promote the server (but obviously not on other servers) and i might help with giveaways and stuff like that.

Anything else?: No thats was everything thanks. Smile

Great guy, active and knows how to play. Decent length on your application. - Accepted to trials

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