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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Nickname:: Aqizz

SteamID( STEAM_0:1:241566090

What did you get banned for?: I got banned on my other account called "im gay", beacuse i borrowed it to a "good friend of me", showed out that he though it would be nice to ahk on it, without me knowing, or my premission... and now i do not know what to do...

Why should we unban you?: I think i should get an unban on the server since it was not my fault, or "techneccially" it was for letting he use my account to play on...

How long are you banned for?: pernament....

Anything else?: no


(x) doubt

also not perma

(06-08-2019, 10:46 PM)Max Wrote: (x) doubt

also not perma
sorry... haha, im just tired so cant rlly think with my head....

Hello, your argumment isn't so compelling, the "borrowed my account to a friend" is honestly the oldest trick in the book, besides you're banned for a month, not permanently. Even if you really gave your account to a friend and he cheated and got you banned, it's your responsibility to think sittuations thru inbeforehand. So I'm going to decline this ban appeal, we hope you have learned your lesson when you come back and that this doesn't happen again.

Take care!
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