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Form submission: Admin Application

Nickname:: TrolLIs

Do you have and use your mic?: Yes

Age?: 15

Server I am applying for: Retakes

SteamID( STEAM_0:1:156970293

Are you in our discord?: Yes

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS?: Since the beginning

Tell us about yourself!: My name is Axel and I exist in the nordic areas, more specifically Sweden. I am very social and I like to interact with new people and make new connections and friendships, I'm very outgoing and in me and my moms opinion pretty cool. In my spare time I like to play the Banjo as I've done for the past 8 years. I like poetry and most specifically Sylvia Plath. I also like politics, I'm very invested in Swedish politics but I also enjoy American politics as it's a fun thing to do to avoid the nightmare Sweden has coming. I am now starting 9th grade and now I have a summervacation so I can play a whole lot right now otherwise I Can dedicate atleast 2 hours a day if nothing special comes up.

Why should we choose you as an admin?: Since I'm easy to befriend I can change alot of peoples mind about admins, some people think of admins as thugs think of the police and I think I could change that.

Do you have any registered punishments @ ?: No

Do you have any previous admin experience?: Well yes, I was admin on pwnzone for quite a while, atleast enough time to learn every single command in the book, I went in and out but the last time I got demoted it was something I'm not proud of but I've made amends with myself and I can't really change the past so it is what it is.

Could you benefit our community somehow?: I play alot during the night when no admins are on aswell as I request admin on retake where there are not that many active admins atleast from what I've seen.

Anything else?: Powerind is my boyfriend.

+rep nice app
+rep knows how to touch my neck ?

+rep Extremely intelligent human being. Would be a great admin imo
My steam:
My discord: MaxL #9999

+Rep He is really hot and he has good political opinions that I agree with (sometimes).
I would love to see this guy as an admin!

Best regards,

+rep he won iaqua's virginity and so did i
ex-admin on powerfps

+Rep active on discord and seen him a few times on the servers.

Seems like a cool guy to me Smile


Never see you online on the retake servers. Also never touched my neck so idk man.

Frosty - Staff Manager
The question is not how but when.  - Frosty!

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