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Form submission: Admin Application

Nickname:: ManS

Do you have and use your mic?: Yes

Age?: 18

Server I am applying for: Retakes

SteamID( STEAM_0:1:82530079

Are you in our discord?: Yes

How long have you been playing on PowerFPS?: 1 month

Tell us about yourself!: Hello, my name is Mansour, I'm 18 years old.
I play video games since I was 4, my first game was half life.
I have a normal social life, I love Longboard and techno.
I go out a lot with my friends during the week end, because I spend almost the week on the computer to play, when I go out with my friends we often go downhill longboard what I love to do.
I have a lot to say about me like for example that I am french and i love sushi.
I get along with everyone, because for me the friendship has no price

Why should we choose you as an admin?: As I said in my presentation, I am a very active person because I am 24h / on my pc
I am fully motivated to be an admin, because I know how to be cool but to intervene when it is necessary, I know how to make myself respected, I am very motivated also, in order to be able to listen to the members
To make me respect I am sometimes obliged to "raise" the tone and to be + in + firm, following other problem on other serv. I'm firmer and I tolerate less than before, but I'm still cool. When I'm right I do not go down and I do not give up.

Do you have any registered punishments @ ?: No

Do you have any previous admin experience?: I have been admin in Gmod server and Gta:Sa server's

Could you benefit our community somehow?: I would add my touch of humor and also help the community to grow

Anything else?: I love sushi

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
God made us beautiful
What happend to you.

I've not seen you in retakes a lot maybe we just play at different times (timezones etc). Also change your steamid to this (STEAM_0:1:82530079). Your application could have been a lot longer in my opinion (1 line application).
Steam - id/internalcheats
Discord - zebusq#7511
Youtube - zebusq

Hey ManS34,
I would love to try you out as trial-admin on the retake servers. But before I do that maybe make your application a little longer please!
After that DM me thorugh the discord (Frosty!#9330).

Frosty - Staff Manager
The question is not how but when.  - Frosty!

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