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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Nickname:: fafen


What did you get banned for?: Advertise

Why should we unban you?: I just wanted to help an other Server cause there was no players. I was very stupid and thought the ban is for like 1-2 weeks. So it would be nice when the ban could be reduce to 1-2 weeks or 1 month.
I promise i dont do that again.

How long are you banned for?: Permanent

Anything else?: Nothing (:

The way I see this is; you broke a rule with an idea of what punishment would come, you knew a ban was going to be given however, you were taken by surprised when you found out it was permanent over a week or so, right? If this is the case then I do not approve of removing the ban since you knew what you were doing was against the rules.

Appeal denied. You said you got perma banned in the discord the same day you got the ban, yet you say in your appeal you thought it was just 1-2 weeks.
My steam:
My discord: MaxL #9999

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