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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Nickname:: Stenen<3

SteamID( STEAM_1:1:446310936

What did you get banned for?: Duplicated Accounts

Why should we unban you?:
I will be unbanned in a few days so if I go into the account that will be unbanned then it will get a permanent ban again for duplicated account. Sorry for bad English

How long are you banned for?: Permanently

Anything else?:

Hi Sten,

I can only find 1 ban on sourcebans on the steam name "Pepe The President". That account should be unbanned in ~2 days.
No other bans are registered on your IP. I don't really get your question/concern.

Frosty - Staff Manager
The question is not how but when.  - Frosty!

This has been handled and fixed already.

Closing thread
My steam:
My discord: MaxL #9999

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