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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Nickname:: vanhus

SteamID( vanhus

What did you get banned for?: "autostrafing"

Why should we unban you?: i havent never ever use autohotkey script in my entire life and i just had some luck and im good in longjumps

How long are you banned for?: about 3-5 months

Anything else?: i love powerfps server

First of all, you wrote your name instead of your steamID. Your steamID is “STEAM_1:0:33883160”. And second of all you got banned 1 month and not 3-5 months. Please change it. It really looks that you don’t even care about the ban.

Edit: You got banned 19th of June, and you make a ban appeal when it is 5 days left of the ban. I’d say that you need to wait out the ban but that’s up to a Head-Admin or higher.

If you want to contact me write to me on Discord.

Hello there,
I'm the admin that banned you.

First of all, if I remember correctly, I banned you because you had a cheated stat. I usually don't ban people that have normal amount of strafes, I ban the obvious ones. So most likely, your strafecount was too much to even consider as legit.

Secondly, you are not banned for 3-5 months, the ban will end in 10 days. So I have a question, why didn't you notice the ban before?

Thirdly, your application is way too short.

I don't know what to answer right now, I'll let head-admins decide on what to do with you. I'm sorry if I repeated the same stuff as Henkimo said.

- kapten


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