Rules that apply on our network. Failing to comply with the rules will lead to a punishment.
If you feel like there are any rules missing, let us know!


#1 - Do not be cheat nor use any unfair advantages.

#2 - Do not threaten to ddos anybody or engage in ddosing.

#3 - Do not violate the privacy of others.

#4 - Do not encourage,endorse, or help cheaters.

#5 - Do not stream snipe other players.

#6 - Do not engage in illegal activity

#7 - Do not exploit bugs or glitches.


#1 - Do not be toxic.

#2 - Do not advertise other communities/servers.

#3 - Everything that happens on your account is under your responsibility.

#4 - Do not post inappropriate links.

#5 - Do not be racist or make any racist remarks.

#6 - Do not disrepect staff members.

#7 - Do not grief.

#8 - Do not use a VPN or a Proxy.

#9 - Do not evade a ban.

#10 - Do not play with players who are ban evading.

#11 - Do not hackusate.