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  1. powerind

    Announcement Easter Sale

    🐰 EASTER SALE Get a 25% DISCOUNT by using the code EASTER at checkout. This time we are offering LIFETIME RANKS for a limited time! So make sure to grab yourself a lifetime rank before it's too late! 🛒 Take me to the store! 🛒 Take me to the store! 🛒 Take me to the store! Sale ends [20/04/22]
  2. powerind

    Declined [Admin Application] - powerind

    Username: powerind Age: 2 SteamID[64] 123 Region I am applying for Europe Server you are applying for: HNS PRE Discord: 1 How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? 2 Tell us about yourself: 3 Why should we choose you as an admin?: 3 Weaknesses: 3 Strengths: 3...
  3. powerind

    Update Retakes

    Added two new maps to the map pool. de_ancient de_vertigo
  4. powerind

    Announcement Leaderboard Reset

    The leaderboards have been reset! Congratulations to the winners: [HNS PRE] KODAS [HNS NOPRE] mastery [RETAKES] -sprukeii- Winners can claim their **MVP+ 1 Month** by creating a ticket. This seasons prizes are: **Discord Nitro Classic** or **MVP+ 1 Month** Good luck with the grind!
  5. powerind

    Announcement 22% Sale

    Hello everyone! Did you know that today's date is 22/2/22 and that it's the second day of the week? Well because of this, we're going to have a 22% sale just for today! (Ends today at 23:59) Head over to the donate page and use the Coupon Code TWENTYTWO for a 22% discount on your purchase.
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    Announcement New VIP System

    Hello everyone. We are undergoing a backend change that solely affects people with donator ranks (VIP,VIP+,MVP,MVP+) If you want to keep your rank, you need to follow these steps: 1) Go to my profile: 2) Click "Start Conversation" 3) Send your SteamID...
  7. powerind

    Announcement Account Upgrades

    Hello everyone. We're aware that the Account Upgrades aren't giving players their ranks. This is actively being looked at and a new announcement will be posted when this is fixed.
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    Announcement The forums are back!

  9. powerind


  10. powerind

    Hello Discord

    Yeah I know, we have disabled this shit like 20 times by now, but why not make a comeback for like, the 21st time?
  11. powerind

    Post your setup!

    I'll send a pic of mine later, cba going on my phone.
  12. powerind

    Does pineapple belong on Pizza?

    What the title says.
  13. powerind

    Hi. My name is Powerind.

    Hello there. My name is Powerind. I am the founder of PowerFPS. I am, 17 years of age, born 2002. I am 183-184cm tall. I am blond. I am Icelandic. My hobbies are to play video games and hang out with friends. I don't really play much CS these days, but I love playing Minecraft Bedwars! If you...
  14. powerind

    Important I have been banned, what can I do?

    If you have been banned, you were most likely breaking some of our rules. If you were banned for cheating, it is very unlikely that you will get unbanned. However, we sell unbans at our webstore. If you think that your ban was false or maybe unjustified; we recommend you to make an appeal. If...
  15. powerind

    Important There is somebody breaking the rules, what do I do?

    Evidence is key, gather any footage like, screenshots,audio,video etc and send it to us through our discord or alternatively you can PM a staff member through our website. If the server has a report system like !calladmin, you can use that, be aware that admins are not available at all times so...
  16. powerind

    Important VIP Questions

    How can I get VIP? : We offer variety of ranks that you can pick from, you can view them on our webstore. Are the monthly ranks recurring? : If you choose a subscription, you will automatically pay every month for the rank, this subscription can be cancelled however. I see somebody abusing...
  17. powerind

    Important How can I get admin?

    We are always looking for new staff members! Think you have a shot? Apply here! Requirements. You must be active. You must be in our discord. Your age must be 15+ You have to act professional.