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  1. JZAK

    Shoutbox on the forum ?

    Hi guys :D I got an idea, what do you think if we add a shoutbox on the forum ? Yes we can talk on the discord but it can add something to the forum i think :) Regards, JZAK
  2. JZAK

    Declined [Admin Application] - Noltsu

    +rep ; I talked to him a bit and he seems quite nice.
  3. JZAK

    Approved [Admin Application] - JZAK

    Username: JZAK Age: 19 SteamID[64] 76561198753079973 Region I am applying for Europe Server you are applying for: Retakes Discord: Jzak#0767 How long have you been playing on PowerFPS? To be honest, if I remember when I type "!lvl" it says I played 5days and 8 hours. But honestly, I can't...