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  1. powerind

    Pending [Ban Appeal] - IceQLF

    Sorry for the late reply. You have been unbanned now.
  2. powerind

    myn name skip

    Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around...
  3. powerind

    Get back vanilla skin on knife

    We are aware that people are uncomfortable with the new ws & knife addons. We plan on reversing it back soon.
  4. powerind

    Pending [Ban Appeal] - Micfarter

    You were banned by our anti cheat for bhop macroing lol
  5. powerind

    Pending [Ban Appeal] - Micfarter

    We unbanned everybody in the beginning of 2019, which means you probably got banned during 2019. Also the deal we made; it was when we only had one server and it was very small, but that deal no longer standa unfortunately.
  6. powerind

    Get back vanilla skin on knife

    There should be an option that says something like "Default skin" in the karambit category.
  7. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - ezac

    We are so sorry about this! You sill be unbanned immediately!
  8. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - Who ar u

    Hello. The author of your ban has evidence that you were indeed using a macro. Here is the evidence: 19 24 18 25 19 1 1 1 1 24 14 23 1 8 17 6 18 1 19 19 51 20 18 24 50 60 16 24 12 24 These are your bhop statistics, this shows how many times you scroll per jump (Average is 5-10 from a legit...
  9. powerind

    Approved [Admin Application] - Finn

    +rep, best application I think the PowerFPS team has ever seen, truly outstanding!
  10. powerind

    Declined [Admin Application] - trace_er

    Can’t day I’ve seen you on the servers, but I also don’t play, +rep
  11. powerind

    Declined [Admin Application] - kolom

    Your application is really short, like really short. Extend it and we will take further look into this application, if not, it will be denied.
  12. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - charlieD

    You really don't have the rights to say that.
  13. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - charlieD

    And Charlie, this is just a loophole and purposely trying to create drama. I suggest you take this in private with skipz, and figure a way out of this. I do not know what happened between you when it came to that gag, so I have no word in this.
  14. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - charlieD

    From what I’m seeing, you think the community is quite bad and you think the admins are bad. Without our admins, the servers would be full of cheaters and no one would be moderating the servers, without them, the servers are nothing. If you really think the servers and admins are bad, I’m nicely...
  15. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - charlieD

    Stop it.
  16. powerind

    Suggestion [Suggestion] - team_player

    Are there any major changes in this map? Like, I would want it to be identical to the current devblocks we have.
  17. powerind

    Let me use VPN .

    We have whitelisted you now, please let us know if you still cannot connect!
  18. powerind

    Let me use VPN .

    Hey there. We will whitelist you.
  19. powerind

    Approved [Admin Application] - Nubbzy

    +rep, still my favorite danish person
  20. powerind

    Declined [Ban Appeal] - mirou

    You were only banned for one day, wait it out.