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  1. powerind

    Pending Admin Application - az4zeL

    +rep from me (Edit) which retake eo you play most on?
  2. powerind

    Announcement MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

    Hello @everyone ! Major announcement! We have opened 8 extra retake servers! IP's
  3. powerind

    Implemented Suggestion - Kebab

  4. powerind


    Can i tag @here
  5. powerind

    Implemented Suggestion - Kebab

    This, wow, I’m going to be honest I feel as if this is the best suggestion I’ve had on HNS lately lol. I haven’t decided if admins will hqve MVP features
  6. powerind

    Implemented Suggestion - Kebab

    Are you saying that people that purchase VIP get the ability to jumpstat?
  7. powerind

    Declined Ban Appeal - Void retard

    You are very lucky that you were banned one week for ahking. The normal length for ahk is 1 month to permanent. Due to that your ban is only one week your appeal will be declined, in our terms we cover that you need to be banned for more than a week to be able to appeal your ban. Locking thread.
  8. powerind

    Implemented Suggestion - zebusq

    I already planned on doing this since I'm an old school player and miss the old CS.
  9. powerind

    Update KZ Climb

    Added new maps kz_kzra_shortclimb kz_shell kz_slumpfrageous kz_meander kz_gloom kz_babycat kz_alfie kz_bhop_badg3s kz_edp445 kz_vittu_mika_persse bkz_iota_v3
  10. powerind

    Announcement The new VIP rank!

    We are soon to be releasing the new [MVP] rank! Let us know what kind of features you would like on the new rank @ For those who don't understand, this is a new VIP rank that is purchasable.
  11. powerind

    I love PowerFPS - angel

    Ofcourse, we prioritize players like you :D
  12. powerind

    I love PowerFPS - angel

    Since this seems to be a more of a discussion instead of a suggestion ill move this into the "Off Topic" section.
  13. powerind

    I love PowerFPS - angel

    How is this a suggestion lol
  14. powerind

    Suggestion Suggestion - Frosty!

    I don't think I know how to do that monkaS
  15. powerind

    Implemented Suggestion - lane

    Map implemented. Locking thread.
  16. powerind

    Do you guys want to remove hns_bbcity?

    I've heard a lot of people complain about hns_bbcity that it's a bad map etc, but some people disagree. What is your opinion on this?
  17. powerind

    Announcement Bug fixed (New emote plugin)

    There were some bugs with the new plugin and they have been resolved. #1 - If you emoted in freezetime you could start moving and personally exit freezetime. #2 - You could spam emote too much. We have resolved this by making the cooldown on emotes 25 seconds and made it for CT's only.
  18. powerind

    Announcement Get your verified role on discord!

    If you want to get your @Verified role on discord it is very simple! Just follow these steps! #1 - Go here : #2 - Connect your discord account #3 That's it! It might take a couple of minutes for the role to actually pop in but it's...
  19. powerind

    Announcement New VIP system and features!

    Hello everyone! New VIP feature and VIP system! You can now purchase VIP quarterly @ (this will soon be changed to The system is now automatic so you don't need to contact us about your VIP Coming soon : Unbans and store credits that are purchasable...
  20. powerind

    Report Report - Frosty!