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Appeal ban


New member
whoever does take them down why??? I was trying to get unbanned for my mistakes i didn't mean to ladder bug i really like your server. Not begging to be unbaned and not bribing or whatever you call it. I just wanna play on your server cause i think your server is fun.


Staff member
They're being "declined" because we cannot give special treatment, exceptions because it would be unfair to other players who are also banned.
I commented on your appeal that basically no server allows ladderbugging, and you should know that, nobody really thinks "Yeah this is a bug, not allowed anywhere basically, so I'm going to do it, must be allowed" you obviously knew what you were doing since you did it in front of a head-admin.


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Ok. I understand but when i was ladder bugging fire was in the server when i did it. So is fire an head-admin?