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Declined Ban Appeal - Void retard

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Void retard

New member
User name: Void retard

SteamID[32] STEAM_0:1:513146372

What did you get banned for? Autohotkey i think

Why should we unban you? I am not saying u should unban i did bad shit and i deserve it tbh i really hope u can forgive me and i can get unbanned or my bans gets 1 months or 2 please

Anything else? I once head boosted on powerind xD i am bad ima go kms now bye <3


Staff member
You are very lucky that you were banned one week for ahking. The normal length for ahk is 1 month to permanent.

Due to that your ban is only one week your appeal will be declined, in our terms we cover that you need to be banned for more than a week to be able to appeal your ban.

Locking thread.
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