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Important I have been banned, what do I do?

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If you have been banned for cheating then you must purchase an unban at https://store.powerfps.com

If you think that your ban was unjustified, false, etc, then please make a support ticket through our discord and we will solve it for you.

Why should I purchase an unban? : See the unban as a second chance, you did something wrong like for example: cheating. We caught you cheating and we have the evidence of you cheating. These bans are up to one month to permanent all the time on any server, now you can purchase an unban if you really want to keep on playing. We use the money to improve our servers and pay for them.

Why can't I make an unban appeal on the forums? : We believe that an appeal category is not needed on our forums, if you wish to appeal you can do it through our discord.
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