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Announcement New Servers!

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Hello! - @everyone

As promised, we have now released our HNS PRE Rooftops Only
You can now connect with the IP Address: rooftops.powerfps.com:27017

The server is identical to our HNS PRE but is rooftops only ofcourse.

We have also opened a TeamSpeak server!
We are aware that discord can often be stuttery/laggy and/or having maintenance a lot, so we feel like this is a great second option.
You can connect to the server via the IP Address: ts.powerfps.com

We have seen that our supporters (VIP's-MVP's) have been playing on our SMP Minecraft server!
Do you want to be apart of that club? You can go ahead and support us at https://store.powerfps.com
If you are a supporter already and haven't joined, go ahead and join! mc.powerfps.com, Version 1.14.4

That's all for now.
What surprise will we bring you if we reach this months donation goal? We'll see....
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