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Whining thread


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Hello misters,

VIP for retakes doesn't work properly for more than half a year. Most of us paid for VIP to have reservation slot, but it doesn't work. VIPs also get access to gloves, but I guess they found out about the other command that everybody can use. Conclusion: we gave you money for basically NOTHING. Also the leaderboard reset didn't happen for also few months. On top of that, every second person is a moderator. People literally apply for mod after 1 day of playing on retakes and they get it without any problems. Although they are the most toxic people that exist (more toxic than me. Yes, its possible :))
(I'm talking only about Retakes #3. I don't know about other servers because they aren't popular as this one)
I know you know about these problems already, but when is the fix coming?

Best regards
Your siperak :devilish:


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This is a proper whining thread, + rep from me. But I gotta say there are no toxic people on the server 😸